Preferred Floor & Tile Co. | 7 Tips to Keep Your Floors Looking Like New
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7 Tips to Keep Your Floors Looking Like New

7 Tips to Keep Your Floors Looking Like New

Happy New Year from Carolina Carpet One!

New flooring is an important investment in your home. Your floors not only add beauty, function, and value, they also bring warmth, color, and character to every space throughout your home.

Take good care of your floors, and they will return the favor by looking fantastic for years to come.

Whether your home has hardwood, stone, carpet, or resilient flooring, follow the simple steps below to keep your floors looking beautiful throughout the new year and beyond.

1. Stop dirt at the door. Outfit your front door with a welcome mat. This gives your family and guests the opportunity to wipe their feet before entering your home. Place another mat on the interior of entryways to trap any remaining dirt and moisture.

2. Remove shoes. Encourage (even train) family and guests to remove shoes when they enter your home. This shoes-off policy will help to ensure that dirt doesn’t get tracked across your floors. Sand and dirt from footwear can cause damage when rubbed into your floors. Sports cleats and high heels can be especially harmful, causing scratches and dents to some types of flooring. Provide boot trays and heavy-duty mats to contain wet and muddy footwear.

3. Keep them clean. Clean your floors regularly to remove dirt and grime. Vacuum carpets and sweep wood, stone, and resilient flooring with a dust mop or broom. Make sure to clean with a vacuum or duster before you mop your floors so you don’t rub dirt in. Use a mop treated with a dusting agent or a microfiber duster to effectively pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best care of your flooring.

4. Deal with accidents immediately. Accidents are a part of life and they will happen–a lot! Dishes get dropped, drinks and food get spilled, and pets/small children come with their own unique set of issues. Whatever happens on your floors, take care of it right away. Cleaning spills and accidents immediately will help ensure that they do not stain or permanately damage your floors.

5. Take care with your pets. Your pets are a part of the family, too. Make sure their nails are trimmed and filed so they don’t scratch wood floors. During wet and muddy weather, keep a towel at your pets’ entryway so you can wipe their paws before they enter the home. This will prevent a tremendous amount of dirt from coming in to your home.

6. Protect with padding. Shoes aren’t the only things that can damage your floors. Furniture that is not properly protected can do damage as well. Eliminate this risk by padding the furniture. Placing felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs will prevent scratches and make it easier for chairs to glide across the floor quietly and safely.

7. Use area rugs. Place area rugs and runners at all entrances to help keep small stones and debris off floors. Area rugs should also be placed in high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and living rooms to help protect floors. Bathrooms rugs help absorb moisture and keep floors dry. Choose rugs carefully because some rugs with rubber backs can discolor wood floors.

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