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10 Simple Steps to a Tranquil Bedroom

10 Simple Steps to a Tranquil Bedroom

Is your bedroom a place of rest and tranquility? It should be. This is the one room in your home designated just for you, a place to relax and seek comfort from the hectic world around you.

Turning your bedroom into a relaxing retreat isn’t beyond your reach. With a little effort and creativity, you can transform this room into a sanctuary, an escape for you and your spouse to go at the end of a busy day. Just follow the steps below.

1. CLEAN–Walk into an unkept bedroom and you will feel your stress levels start to rise. A clean room, on the other hand, is relaxing and inviting. Committing to a few daily chores each morning will help ensure that your bedroom stays clean and tidy. Make your bed, dust nightstands, throw dirty clothes in the hamper, and return clean clothes to the closets and dressers.

2. DECLUTTER–Ban clutter from this room. Simplicity is the key to peacefulness. Keep only essentials on your nightstand: a book, moisturizer, a beloved photograph, a glass of water, and perhaps a vase of fresh flowers. Send the kids’ toys back to their rooms. Keep bills, paperwork, and other stressors out of this space.

3. FLOORING–A thick, plush carpet is wonderful to walk on and also absorbs sound. Hardwood floors are warm and timeless, and will give your bedroom character. If you have wood flooring in your bedroom, consider having soft, thick area rugs on either side of the bed. Nothing beats the feeling of getting out of bed in the morning and sinking your bare feet into thick, luxurious carpet.

4. LIGHTING–Ideally, your bedroom should have three types of lighting: ambient (general lighting), task (for reading), and accent (for visual interest). Dimmers on overhead lighting and wall sconces create a warm, welcoming glow. Check out HGTV’s 12 Illuminating Ideas for the Bedroom. Use curtains, blinds, or shades to control the amount of natural light coming in to the room.

5. COLOR–Fill your bedroom with colors you love. Soft neutrals, warm and rich browns and reds, and cool blues and greens are all great choices. Need some color inspiration? See HGTV’s Best Colors For Master Bedrooms and House Beautiful’s 25 Colorful Bedrooms.

6. TEXTURE–Fill your bedroom with sensuous fabrics: luxurious linens, soft blankets, fluffy pillows, and a thick carpet or area rug. Surrounding yourself with these wonderful textures will help to create a soothing, calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

7. THE BED–You spend one-third of your day in bed, so make it count. Select a mattress that is comfortable and supportive. If you can’t replace your mattress right now, make it more comfortable with a new mattress topper. Check out this Simple Guide for Mattress Shopping from the Better Sleep Council.

8. STAY COOL–Studies show that we sleep better when our bodies are a little cooler. The best temperature for your bedroom is about 65 degrees, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

9. PAMPER YOURSELF–Fill a basket with simple spa items and keep it beside your bed. Include lip balms, lotions, emery boards, an eye mask, and a microwaveable rice or corn bag.

10. ENJOY–Now that you’ve created this beautiful new space, make the most of it! This is your private retreat from the rest of the world, so use it to recharge and refresh. You deserve it!

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