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Check Out These Hot Trends in Window Treatments

Check Out These Hot Trends in Window Treatments

Window treatments can have a huge impact on your interior rooms. The right ones will add style and color to your home’s décor, provide you with privacy, and allow you to control the amount of light that comes into your room.

Today’s curtains, valances, swags, blinds, panels, shades, and shutters come in a wide variety of colors and materials. With so many choices, how do you choose the best window treatments for all the rooms in your home?

First, consider the function of a particular window covering. Will its main purpose be to control light, temperature, or privacy? After function, think about style. The window treatment you choose should complement the room’s decor. Take into account the texture, color, and pattern of each window treatment you select.

There are many hot trends in today’s window treatments that are super functional and attractive. Consider the ideas below when shopping for your next window coverings.

Here are HGTV’s Top 10 Window Treatment Trends:

  • natural woven shades made from organic materials, like bamboo
  • popular colors: browns and grays; ocean hues in teal, aquamarine, and soft green; jewel tones
  • stripes and bold prints (bright floral and geometric patterns)
  • luxury fabrics: silk, velvet, damask, fur, leather, and suede
  • decorative hardware made of birch, maple, and bamboo
  • fabrics with features modeled after the fashion industry: ruffles, cording, beading, lace, ribbon, and velvet banding
  • sleek designs like panel-track systems made of fabric or woven-wood panels
  • high-tech window blinds that are controlled by remote, light switch, or internet
  • green designs include heat and cold-repellant window panels, mildew and mold-resistant fabrics, and non-toxic dyes

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