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How to Choose Gorgeous Interior Colors for Your Home

How to Choose Gorgeous Interior Colors for Your Home

Does your home need a little splash of color?

Color is one of the most important parts of your home’s interior. Interior decorators agree that color greatly affects our emotions and perceptions. By changing the color of a room in your home, you have the ability to completely transform the look and feel of that room.

Here are some of the ways color can transform your home, according to HGTV:
• enhance feelings of health and well-being
• change the perceived temperature to make your space feel warmer or cooler
• transform the perceived space to make your space feel larger, or more cozy and intimate
• illuminate dark areas
• create mystery and romance in dull areas
• energize static areas

Try these tips from interior decorators to help you choose the best colors for your home.

  • Have fun with color. What are your favorite colors? Look around your home at your clothes, towels, bedspreads, rugs, vases, and artwork. Take your favorites to your local paint store and explore different shades of these colors.
  • Color isn’t limited to the walls. Color comes from curtains, furniture, lamps, rugs, and other accents.
  • Because paint is relatively inexpensive and can be matched to any color, Better Homes and Gardens recommends you start your color search with room elements that are less flexible, such as furniture, fabrics, tile, or wallpaper. Then base your paint colors on those.
  • What colors appeal to you more–warm (red, yellow, orange) or cool (blue, green, violet)? This will help you narrow down your choices. Warm colors create energy and coziness, while cool colors promote calm and relaxation.
  • Chose the right paint finish for each room. Flat (matte) finishes hide wall imperfections, but are more difficult to clean. A satin (eggshell) finish is a good choice for walls because it is easy to clean and doesn’t draw attention to imperfections. Glossier finishes will reflect more light and are easier to wipe clean, but they show imperfections (often used for trim).
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Once you’ve chosen a color you really love, buy a pint of paint and do a test patch. Paint your sample color on a board or directly on your wall. How does it look in your room at different times of the day and night? Many experts recommend testing two or three colors at once to save time.

Other ways to add beautiful colors to your home:

  • window treatments
  • area rugs
  • new flooring from Carolina Carpet One
  • throw pillows and blankets
  • artwork
  • furniture
  • lighting

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