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Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

Welcome Spring! At Carolina Carpet One, we are so ready for the beautiful Summer that is right around the corner!

How’s your lawn looking? Is it ready for all the barbecues and backyard parties that are coming? If your lawn is looking a little ragged after the long winter, it’s time to give it some much-needed attention.

A little time and effort is all it takes to get your lawn ready for another spectacular Summer in Charlotte.

Your lawn is one of the most basic parts of your yard’s landscaping, and is a contributing factor to your home’s curb appeal. Here are some basic lawn care tips for a lush, green yard that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

RAKE–This helps to remove thatch (dead turf grass), leaves, and sticks and is an important first step in Spring lawn maintenance.

LEVEL–Eliminate uneven ground by filling in holes and leveling off high spots.

TEST–Have your soil tested to help determine which nutrients your lawn may be missing. Consult with a lawn care professional or garden center if you’re not sure how and when to use fertilizer and herbicides.

AERATE–This is done by poking small holes in compacted soil to help air, water, and nutrients reach the grass roots.

RESEED–If winter created ugly bare or brown spots in your grass, you need to seed those trouble areas for a healthier, greener, and fuller lawn.

MOWER MAINTENANCE–Your mower has been sitting idle all winter. Before cutting one blade of grass, be sure to service your lawn mower (change the oil and spark plugs, sharpen mower blades, and clean the undercarriage).

MOW–Don’t make the mistake of cutting your grass too short. Longer grass will tolerate the summer heat better because it helps the ground retain more water. The best mowing height depends on the grass type.

PREP FLOWER BEDS–Get your gardens ready for beautiful Spring and Summer blooms by removing debris, cutting back/dividing perennials, and adding fresh mulch to your flower beds.

PRUNE–This job encourages healthier shrubs and trees. For more information, read Better Homes & Gardens What to Prune When.

SWEEP–Maintain your yard’s neat appearance by regularly cleaning your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway.

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