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Let’s face it – construction can be hard work. Days can be long, and projects can stretch on. So, it’s very valuable to take time to rally as a team and celebrate even small wins!

Here’s 3 ways to celebrate success as a team:

  1. Say thank you!

Show your appreciation to your team as a whole, as well as, to individuals. When you show how much you appreciate specific successes the whole team benefits. For example, we have the Unicorn Award (aka Bubbles) that is rewarded every month to the team member that going above and beyond!

  1. Companywide Celebration

You know we love a good party! 😜 Taking time outside of work to regularly celebrate success makes it’s easier to reach for success. Which is why every month we have a company celebration to celebrate our successes and our failures! Celebration is the only emotion in our business…the rest is about awareness, attitude, actions, accountability, and agreements!

  1. Provide opportunities for growth!

Nobody wants to celebrate or work towards big goals if they feel stuck in their position. Having opportunities for personal and professional growth provides successes to celebrate!

What ways do you celebrate your team successes?