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Living in a multifamily property can often feel isolating and disconnected. However, as a property manager, you can take steps to create a sense of community within your complex. By fostering a sense of belonging, residents will feel more connected to their surroundings and their neighbors, leading to a happier living experience for everyone involved. In this blog, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you create a strong sense of community at your multifamily property.

Host Community Events
One of the easiest ways to connect your residents is by hosting events. You can organize a community-wide potluck, game night, or movie screening to bring residents together. Hosting events creates an opportunity for residents to meet each other face-to-face and form new friendships. Additionally, events can help break down barriers between residents who may not normally interact.

Create Common Spaces
A communal space can serve as a gathering spot for residents where they can come together and socialize. Consider creating a common area that features comfortable seating, tables, and lighting. This could be in the form of an outdoor space or shared common rooms such as a game room, lounge, or movie room.

Use Social Media
Social media platforms are powerful tools that can help you create a sense of community. By creating a private Facebook group or utilizing a platform like Nextdoor, residents can communicate with each other before, during, and after events. Social media is an easy and low-cost way to connect residents and foster a sense of community.

Start a Resident Council
A resident council offers an opportunity for residents to have a voice in the property’s management. By working with residents to create a resident council, you create a forum for communication and collaboration. These councils can help address issues, suggest new ideas, and promote values of inclusivity and community amongst the residents.

Provide Amenities
Providing amenities such as a pool, gym, or outdoor grilling area can encourage residents to gather and connect. Providing amenities that encourage the residents to get outside and interact with each other naturally draw them together.

Creating a strong sense of community may seem daunting, but by implementing the above ideas, you can promote an environment of inclusivity and togetherness. By hosting events, creating communal spaces, using social media, and providing amenities, you create a space that encourages residents to take pride in their living experience. As property managers, we recognize the importance of a sense of community and strive to create a connected, positive environment for our residents.