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In the past 10 years, the number of rental households has increased by 25%. Why should your next investment be a multifamily dwelling unit? Here’s 3 reasons!

#1 More reliable cash flow.

With more units and tenants, the more consistent your cash flow. Often multifamily dwellings are sold with existing tenants, giving you cash flow from day one!

#2 Less rental down times

Since rent from a few units is usually enough to cover expenses, the rest can be pure profit. And if a few units are empty, you’re not going to be in trouble.

This also gives you time (and cash) to renovate/rehab empty units. (though not too much time: We offer same-day installations to help you meet your move-in goals.) If you are flipping a single-family home, there’s no opportunity for generating revenue from it while its being renovated.

#3 Bigger pay off

With a high valued property, you’ll get a high payout. For example, a 15% increase in value from $350,000 is $52,500! Also, since rent is going up nationwide, most buyers/investors will factor that into what they are willing to pay for a multifamily home. Which means more money for you!