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Employee Highlight: Aaron Zirnsak

We are so excited to announce that Aaron is our new Director of Sales and Operations! Here’s a few things you should know about Aaron!

1. What is your name and title/role?

Aaron Zirnsak Director, Sales & Operations

2. Give a brief description of your background 

Spent majority of career in customer service, sales and operations leadership. I am passionate about customer service and what it really means to serve people and build teamwork. I love collaborating with teams and developing a package that provides exceptional value without compromising “world class customer service”

3. Tell us a little about you!

I have three wonderful children, Madison (24 years old) who lives in Charlotte and is a National Account Manager for Dermalogica Cosmetics. Hunter(21 years old) who serves as an air crewman in the Marine Corp based in Cherry Point, NC. Luke (19 years old) and starting his Sophomore year at Lander University was recruited to play Lacrosse and currently studying Biology. I am married to my best friend, my rock and foundation to everything I do…. Loree and we just celebrated our 25 year anniversary this past Tuesday on July 20th.

4. What inspires you? Do you have a favorite motivational quote or mantra? 

Serving People, Serving Team Members and learning how to truly motivate a group of people to achieve personal and team goals that they didn’t think were possible.

5. What motivates you in your job? 

Truly helping someone achieve a personal or professional goal through hard work and collaboration, seeing someone work hard and achieve their spotlight moment.

6. What’s your favorite thing to listen to while you work? What are your work jams?

Work Jams? I love to listen to the room, the buzz of our environment, the passion in my teams voices while working, the laughter, the sarcasm, the accountability they hold each other to, the support and team collaboration and mostly the 3pm witching hour in PF&TCO office everyday…… there isn’t any music worth listening to over that.

7.  Go-to lunch? 😉

YES Please! Although I work through lunch or eat at my desk……. There isn’t much more exciting than talking about food with this guy……. You had me at tater tot…… you had me at tater tot!

8. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? 

Italy Region, that was our bucket list trip we were going to go on this summer before Covid but we were lucky enough to celebrate our 25th anniversary on the coast of Maine this past week. 

9. And… What’s something that you are looking forward to as part of your new role?

I can’t wait to be support and help see this talented team grow to $25 million next year in revenue! The talent pool is here, the culture is second to none, the customers are out there, the desire for success is prevalent and PF&TCO is ready to change the industry standards. A very special leader in our organization has a favorite saying……… “We are in the people business! Oh yeah, we also sell flooring” To me that sums up everything we get up for each and every day. Get up, find a way to make an impact in someone’s life. Find a way to make them smile, find a way to strengthen your team. Simply serve, no more, no less. All our other successes will simply follow. People are what matter, and this group of mismatched Allstars come from every social, economical & cultural background and together we come together like some mutant superhero to serve our customer, our teammates and their families each and every day!