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Since production builders are home builders who build for communities, the people who own the land they build on usually have a say in the type of homes that are built. Even though production-built homes come in all shapes and sizes, here’s 3 things that are important for homeowners this year!

Energy efficient

Rising costs of utilities and a growing desire to be environmentally friendly are both contributing factors to the popularity of energy efficient appliances and building materials. Since energy efficient appliances are usually more expensive, production home builders need to figure out what their customers would value the most.

Open Floor Plans

Our modern lifestyles work better with open casual floor plans. Instead of separate rooms for everything, efficient uses of space is more of a priority. Especially now that a lot of us are at home more than we used to be. We need spaces that can be multipurpose and that’s reflected in more buying trends.

Storage and Laundry

A 2014 study surveyed Millennials about features on their home buying lists and 55% said that a separate, dedicated laundry room was top of their list. Quality storage options, or “Costco closets” were also topped the list. Walk in closest, linen closets, and big pantries are a priority!

What trends have you noticed in Production Building?