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We all want to live in a clean home, but for many of us, it seems like an endless struggle. Children, pets, and life’s everyday occurrences seem to thwart our best efforts at keeping our homes looking their best.

These relatively simple daily maintenance tips will help to keep your home company-ready. Not expecting company? No problem! A clean home will be enjoyed by you and your family every day. It is much more enjoyable to relax and spend quality time with those you love when your home is not in a constant state of disarray.

Follow these helpful tips and start enjoying your clean home today!

Leave your shoes at the door. This easy habit will prevent dirt and allergens from entering your home.

Control clutter. Learn how to keep clutter at bay. Do this by controlling what comes into your home on a daily basis. Check out Good Housekeeping’s 31 Days to Decluttered.

Sort through mail daily. Set up a system that works for your family. Many personal organizers suggest using an inbox/outbox system for your papers. For more information, read 6 Simple Steps to Make Mail and Paperwork Painless and Paper Chase: The ABSs of Household Paper Management

Make your bed. This two-minute job will be well worth it when you come home at the end of a busy day and walk into a beautiful bedroom. Smooth out the sheets, and pull up the blankets and comforter. Arrange the pillows neatly and you’re done. 13 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Made Bed