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In 2020, 49,000 houses in the US were built as Single-Family Rentals. That may not seem like many but compared to the 14,000 built in 2009, it’s a big increase! Why the increase in Single-Family Rentals?

The past year has made buying a home unaffordable for a lot of families and people who were wanting a single-family home.

Gen Zer’s and younger Millennials specifically want a single-family rental. Which is different than previous generations that tended to move into multifamily homes after graduating. Gen Zer’s want freedom and room without the restrictions that come with living in an apartment. One industry report found that the apartment industry is expected to decline 3.9% in 2021!

This growth in Single-Family rentals opens a huge market for investors and builders!

Have you seen an increase in Single-Family rentals?